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Are you a friend of small pets and farm animals or rodents?
In our DeubaXXL-Shop, you will find a wide variety of products related to rodents and small animals.
Do you value fresh eggs? With a chicken coop or a mobile chicken house, you can keep your own chickens and look forward to fresh and healthy chicken eggs every day.
For rabbit keeping in the open air you can use the small animal house, the different rabbit hutches or the outdoor enclosures with roofing. These offer your small rodents protection and plenty of room to run around. Of course these stables are also suitable for other small animals such as guinea pigs.
Are you a bird owner? Then your feathered roommates need a suitable aviary with plenty of space to fly and feel comfortable. Discover the different aviaries for species-appropriate keeping for your flat or balcony.
We also have insect hotels with integrated nesting boxes for the very small ones to support the native beneficial insects during wintering and nest-building.
Here in our DeubaXXL online shop, you will find the perfect solution for your little ones.

The advantages of DeubaXXL articles for rodents and small animals

Decide for yourself from our large selection in our online shop which are the perfect products for your home.
When ordering you will receive the following advantages:
-    Simple order online at a fair price
-    The articles are sent to you partially disassembled to protect them during transport
-    Detailed assembly instructions are enclosed with the goods
-    Shipping is free of charge and is done with DPD or Yodel