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Dog Carrier

Dog carrier: the perfect way to travel safely and comfortably with your dog

The safety and comfort of your dog are essential, especially when it comes to travelling or transport. A dog carrier, often also referred to as a dog cage or dog travel crate, offers the ideal solution for this. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about choosing the right dog carrier, the different types, materials and sizes as well as useful accessories to give your four-legged friend the best possible experience.

The importance of a good dog carrier

A high-quality dog carrier not only serves as a safe place for your dog during car journeys, but also as a cosy retreat at home. It is important to choose a crate that is both sturdy and comfortable. This ensures that your dog feels safe during the journey and at the same time has enough space to lie down and relax.

  • Car transport crates: these are generally robust and offer optimum protection in the event of an accident.
  • Foldable travel boxes: Ideal for holidays as they are easy to transport and set up.
  • Crates for at home: These offer your dog a permanent and cosy retreat.


Material and size of the dog carrier

The choice of material is crucial for the durability and safety of the dog carrier. Commonly used materials are plastic, metal and fabric. It is important to choose the right size so that your dog has enough space. If the crate is too small, it can be uncomfortable and stressful for the dog, while if the crate is too large, it offers less protection in the event of abrupt movements.


Getting your dog used to the dog carrier

Getting your dog used to his new dog carrier is an important step to ensure that he feels comfortable and safe in it. Here are some tips on how you can gently acclimatise your four-legged friend to their crate:

Create positive associations: Start by integrating the dog carrier into your dog's daily routine without forcing him to go in it. Place the carrier in a room where your dog likes to spend time and leave the door open. Place his favourite toy or treats in the box to create positive associations.

Gradual approach: Encourage your dog to go into the box voluntarily by luring him with treats or his favourite toy. Praise him every time he approaches or enters the dog carrier to build trust.

Practise short stays: Once your dog has got used to being in the carrier, leave him in it for short periods while you are at home. This will help him get used to the feeling of being in the carrier without fear of separation or isolation.

Increase comfort: Make sure the carrier is comfortable. A soft pillow or blanket can help your dog feel more secure in the carrier.

Slowly increase the length of stay: Gradually increase the amount of time your dog spends in the carrier, starting with short trips if the carrier is used for car transport. This will help your dog get used to longer stays in the carrier.


Through patience and positive reinforcement, your dog will learn to see his dog carrier as a safe and cosy place. It is important not to rush the process and to be considerate of your dog's needs and pace.


Additional functions and accessories

Additional features such as integrated water bowls, comfortable cushions and dividers increase the comfort and functionality of the dog carrier. It is also important to accustom your dog to the carrier gradually to avoid stress and build up a positive association.


With a well-chosen dog carrier tailored to your dog's needs and safety measures, every journey will be a pleasant experience for you and your four-legged friend. Discover our selection of high-quality dog carriers on DeubaXXL now and find the perfect solution for your faithful companion.