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House Mailboxes

Briefkasten an Hauswand mit Hausnummer


Even in this digital age of email and instant messenger services, there are certain things for which we still rely on the good old-fashioned postal service. Letter writing might not be as popular as it once was, but there is a lot to be said for taking the time to sit down with a pen and some letter paper. Then there are important documents, leaflets, local information, and even bills that often only exist in physical format. All of which means we still need a safe place for the postal service to leave our mail. If you don’t have an easily accessible front door with its own letterbox, then a home post box might be the right solution for you. At DeubaXXL, we offer a wide selection of house mailboxes available both as single products and sets. Made from a range of durable and secure materials, our mailboxes will keep your post safe before it reaches your hands. DeubaXXL mailboxes are lockable and suitable for wall mounting, using interior brackets to prevent removal. These home post boxes come in a choice of neutral colours, making them suitable for almost every location and building design.

Mailbox safety and security

Private and confidential post deserves a secure location – that’s why it’s important to have a durable post box readily available for deliveries at your home. Post boxes are particularly important for houses that aren’t always easily accessible, such as flats or buildings with multiple residents, houses located in narrow alleyways or side streets, and houses with very long driveways. Whatever type of house you need a mailbox for, DeubaXXL has got you covered. Our house mailboxes are made from a selection of tough and durable materials, including galvanised and stainless steel. Cylinder locks or other types of locking mechanisms prevent unauthorised entry, while secure fixings located within the box itself prevent removal from the wall. What’s more, protection flaps prevent rainwater and other debris from entering the mailbox, keeping your mail safe and dry. While a high-quality mailbox will keep your post secure outside, you might need somewhere to store your documents and letters inside. The DeubaXXL range of safes and key cabinets are particularly useful for the safe home storage of letters, important documents, and more.

Silberner Briefkasten an Hauswand mit Hausnummer

Installing your house mailbox

Home post boxes in the DeubaXXL range are easy to install, with secure fixtures and fittings for installation on almost any solid wall surface. Our post boxes come with a viewing window and elements for a visible name plate, which can help to prevent mistaken or accidental deliveries. No specialist equipment or expertise is required to fit mailboxes and the included assembly instructions ensure for easy mounting. All you need is a solid, secure, and flat surface onto which you can attach the mailbox, so it is clearly visible at your property.


Mailbox colours and styles

Although the main role of any house mailbox is primarily functional, it’s an added bonus if it fits well with its surroundings. After all, mailboxes are generally fitted in prominent and visible places on the front of homes or in building foyers. DeubaXXL post boxes for houses come in a selection of classic colours, including white, black, and anthracite grey. Unassuming yet elegant, these home post boxes are available as individual or multiple units for both single and multi-person residencies. In addition to secure mail and post boxes available to buy in the DeubaXXL online store, you can also find a selection of other household security products , including door and window locks, railings, fireguards, and more. Browse the DeubaXXL range today and find the perfect products for your home.