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With the perfect garden or patio parasol, you literally have it “made in the shade”. So as soon as spring hits, it’s time to set up your little outdoor oasis and create your favourite cool spot with a beautiful garden umbrella or parasol. After all, not only are parasols extremely practical and protect you from the negative effects of UV rays, they are also a great focal point for any outdoor space and add to a cosy atmosphere that truly feels like a vacation.

At DeubaXXL, you’ll find a variety of different parasol models in terms of design, size and material, including practical parasol covers for maximum protection during rainy days.

If you’re not sure which parasol is best for your outdoor space, read on and find out about



Types of parasols

On your quest to find the perfect parasol for your outdoor space, you’ll come across various types that all have unique characteristics. Below are the most common parasol models:

      • Upright parasols: This garden parasol with base is probably the most classic type of parasol and is mounted on a fixed straight pole that is made from wood or aluminium. It’s fairly easy to set up and features a round, rectangular or square canopy.
      • Tilting parasols: This model looks similar to the upright parasol but comes with a convenient feature: The aluminium pole is adjustable and equipped with a swivel joint, so you can block the sun from all kinds of angles.
      • Cantilever parasols: The cantilever parasol or overhanging parasol is a modern take on the classic garden umbrella. The canopy is mounted to the side of the table rather than in the centre. It also features a sliding handle and crank for perfect adjustment.

How do I choose a parasol?

Once you’ve settled on a type of parasol, ask yourself what shape the canopy should have. Note that a square canopy will offer more shade than a round one. In terms of material, some canopies are much denser than others and thus offer better UV protection. Acrylic or a high-quality polyester will protect you from the sun and hold up during a sudden cloudburst.

When you choose an aluminium or steel pole, make sure it is hardwearing and rust-resistant. Some materials are covered with an extra weather-resistant coating. And while a wood pole is eco-friendly and nice to look at, be prepared to treat it with an oil sealant at least once a year. The parasol base should be heavy enough to hold up during strong wind, so cast iron, granite or weighted resin are a good choice.


What is the best colour for a garden parasol?

The colour of your new garden parasol depends on your personal preference and how you want the new addition to your garden, patio or porch blend in with your existing sun loungers or garden furniture. While some sources will advise you to either opt for white or black, there is not much of a difference when it comes to the protection they offer. A shade like dark green will blend in with the surrounding nature, whereas a white or red parasol will add brightness or a pop of colour.


Are cantilever parasols any good?

As cantilever garden parasols allow you to move the canopy farther away from its base and over the area of your choice, you have much more space underneath. And while these stylish umbrellas are nice to look at, they also offer you 360° sun protection. It’s important to note that a low-quality cantilever parasol won't be great in strong wind as the canopy will swing like a sail. But you can easily avoid this problem by investing in a high-quality cantilever parasol from DeubaXXL.