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Whether it’s a pop up gazebo or a permanent one, gazebos are a great addition to any outdoor space and perfect for entertaining company in the warmer months of the year. While gazebos give you much-needed shelter from the sun or rain, they’re also a great focal point for the design in your garden, patio or backyard. And if you opt for a portable gazebo, you can freely change its location throughout the season or even lend it to family and friends for special outdoor events.

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If you’re not sure which gazebo is the right one for you and your needs, read on to find out about:

The materials of gazebos

The material of gazebos depends on their purpose and whether they are meant to be a permanent garden gazebo or a pop up gazebo for special occasions. Gazebos for temporary use often come with a lighter fabric and a sturdy metal or plastic frame. This makes for easy installation and storage. On your search for the perfect gazebo, you’ll probably come across these four different materials:

  • Canvas: Gazebos from canvas come in a wide selection of colours and patterns, so you can easily match them with your other garden furniture. The fabric is usually pretty durable and even a white gazebo won't easily degrade from exposure to different elements. However, canvas is not the right material if you want a permanent gazebo.
  • Vinyl or polyester: Gazebos made from vinyl or polyester have become very popular over the years. And the reasons are manifold. While synthetic gazebos often adhere to a traditional gazebo style, they are much more affordable and versatile than a wooden structure. Oftentimes, they come in convenient easy to assemble kits. Plus, the material is extremely durable and doesn’t need to be treated.
  • Metal: Gazebos from metal or wrought iron are sturdy and permanent. Depending on the style, they can create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere in your garden. While metal gazebos don’t require any maintenance, they are more difficult to set up and relocate. So before you decide on a location, make sure it’s the perfect one.
  • Wood: Just like their metal counterparts, gazebos from wood are permanent, harder to relocate and take much longer to set up than vinyl or canvas gazebos. If you opt for a wood gazebo, you have to be willing to perform some maintenance by treating the wood with special sealants throughout the year.

The available sizes

When it comes to size, you’ll easily find a garden or patio gazebo that suits your needs. At Deubaxxl, we offer 3x3 gazebos or 3x6 gazebos for small events or cosy barbeques with the family, as well as much larger gazebos that can serve as shelter for your entire garden dining set. Before you settle on a size, make sure to measure the dimensions of your outdoor space, so you won’t be surprised after setting it up in your garden.

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The water resistance of garden gazebos

Gazebos are designed to protect you and your party from the elements. However, some materials hold up much better during severe rain. Synthetic materials like vinyl or polyethylene are perfect if you want to make sure your guests, tables and chairs stay dry when the clouds roll in. Pop up gazebos with sides are ideal if you are looking for protection from rain and wind at the same time.

Gazebos for outdoor events

Pop up gazebos are the ideal solution if you need temporary shelter for all kinds of outdoor events like wedding receptions, birthday parties, fundraisers or casual gatherings. Instead of getting a very large gazebo that would be more difficult to set up, you can opt for several small ones that can be installed in a visually pleasing arrangement. And if you’re looking to save space, get bistro tables which will allow you to fit more people in the sheltered area.