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Garden Storage Boxes

Nothing beats a beautiful day in your personal outdoor oasis. And even better, if you have the right garden furniture to sit and lounge on. Whether you have a garden, patio or sun deck, you probably know that comfortable outdoor cushions are a must to get the best out of your outdoor seating arrangement. However, these cushions need to be stored when the clouds roll in or during the colder months of the year.

Auflagenbox aus Akazienholz im Garten

Luckily, at DeubaXXL, we have perfect storage solutions for your cushions and other outdoor accessories in the form of outside storage boxes. If you’re not sure which garden or patio storage box is the right one for you, read on and find out about…


What is the best way to store outdoor cushions?

If you’re looking for a storage solution for your outdoor cushions, so they stay clean and dry during rainy summer days, you have several options. You can either move your cushions into a sheltered area in the house, or you can get a cushion storage box that you can keep on your patio or in your garden. While this is not only the easiest solution, it can also be a stylish one – at DeubaXXL, we carry attractive garden storage boxes that match your modern furniture dining sets and loungers.

What are the different materials of garden storage boxes?

On your search to find the perfect garden cushion storage, you’ll come across storage boxes made from various materials that come with their own benefits. While a wooden cushion storage box might go well with your aesthetics, a plastic garden storage box is usually much more water-repellent. And luckily, there are waterproof outdoor storage boxes that are practical and appeal to the eye – check out our metal and poly rattan outside storage bins and find the design and shade you like.

Can you leave garden furniture cushions outside?

Outdoor cushions are designed to be relatively durable and weather-resistant. Most of them are also resistant to fading. This is especially true for cushions made from synthetic materials like poly blends. While it shouldn’t be a problem to leave your cushions outside for a couple of nights, you should always consider storing them somewhere dry, even during the summer months. Investing in waterproof outdoor storage boxes or practical furniture covers will keep your cushions clean and dry for your next use.

How do I store large outdoor cushions?

Garden storage boxes come in a variety of styles and sizes. So, if a small outdoor storage box won’t suit your needs, you can find boxes with up to 400L storage volume. The advantage: Most extra large garden storage boxes can also fit your garden tools and other outdoor accessories and come with a convenient lock, so you never have to worry about theft. However, if you need a whole lot more space, we recommend investing in a small garden shed.

Are outdoor storage boxes waterproof?

The vast majority of outdoor cushion storage boxes are extremely weather-proof as they are meant to protect your furniture cushions and garden accessories from the elements. Our selection offers garden storage boxes from metal or durable synthetic materials that even come with a special inner lining to keep your cushions nice and dry during rainy summer days and even the cold winter seasons. Every box is shipped disassembled and comes with detailed and easy instructions, so you can set up your waterproof outdoor storage solution in no time.