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Wooden Dining Sets


Enjoying time outdoors during the warmer summer months is one of life’s great pleasures. But, to really make the most of the higher temperatures, you need a suitable outdoor dining set where you can enjoy the summer in style. The DeubaXXL garden dining set range offers everything you need to create a stylish, practical, and durable dining area in both big and small outdoor spaces. But just what do you need to look for when choosing garden dining furniture?


Choosing the right size and shape

Man and woman sitting on a garden dining set

Outdoor dining sets come in either two-, four-, six-, or eight-seat options at DeubaXXL, and which one you choose should depend on the size of your outdoor space. Smaller garden dining sets are ideal for more compact and intimate spaces, such as balconies or yard-style back gardens. If you have a larger area however, then an eight-seater is a great option for outdoor dinner parties or entertaining. These dining sets usually feature a central table with individual chairs or bench-style seating down the sides or ends of the table. To maximise seating space, dining tables are generally square or rectangular, depending on the number of seats you opt for, although circular or oval tables are also an option. Garden corner dining sets are also a great way to make the most of your space, as they utilise walls and corners in your outdoor area.


Choosing the right style

Garden dining furniture from DeubaXXL comes in a range of design styles, finishes, and colours giving you a great choice of options for your space. Choose a light acacia or eucalyptus wood finish for classic natural tones. Or perhaps you would prefer a more modern, aluminium dining set in a silver or anthracite finish? Why not combine the two and choose a modern aluminium set in an earthy cream finish.


Choosing the right materials and protection

Rattan Garden dining set on a balcony

The British wintertime can be wet and windy (let’s be honest, the summer can too), which means you need garden dining furniture that’s durable and resistant to volatile weather. Not only does this prolong the life of your outdoor set, but it also ensures your furniture looks its best for longer, providing an inviting dining space year after year. Materials, such as aluminium are extremely weather resistant, but outdoor dining sets from DeubaXXL also come equipped with rust-free, stainless-steel screws and easy-to-clean safety glass. Weather-resistant, durable garden furniture cushions are also made from washable fabrics, so you can be sure your dining set is always looking its best. Wooden garden dining sets give your outdoor space a natural and tactile feel, but being an organic material, it needs to be wood that is suitable for exterior use. Wood dining sets need to be treated with appropriate products to withstand the wind, water, and sunshine that is thrown at it. All DeubaXXL exterior wood furniture is made from hard-wearing woods like acacia and eucalyptus and are pre-treated with oils to provide maximum use. However, ongoing care and treatment is always recommended. If you are decorating your outside space or feel it’s time to upgrade your existing outdoor dining set then check out the range at DeubaXXL. With a broad choice of sizes, seating options, colours, styles, and materials you can create the perfect outdoor dining area for you and your space. Or, if you just want to add to your existing sets, have a look at the extensive range of individual garden seating options , garden tables , and more in the DeubaXXL online store.