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Rattan Dining Sets

Whether you love to barbeque or simply want to enjoy a nice cup of tea in your garden as soon as spring rolls around the corner – nothing beats a beautiful outdoor oasis with a comfortable seating arrangement. With a matching rattan garden dining set, you not only have a nice place to sit, eat and gather, you are also getting the most low-maintenance and robust material for outdoor furniture that is adding to a cosy outdoor ambience at the same time.

Polyrattan Balkonset in Beige Schwarz in Boho Stil

If you’re not familiar with synthetic rattan dining sets, read on and find out about…


What is poly rattan made of?

Poly rattan might look like natural rattan, but it is made of durable synthetic materials like polyethene (PE), polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or other artificial polymers. Synthetic rattan is a material that is specifically designed to last when exposed to the elements. Even though it is synthetic, poly rattan is an eco-friendly alternative to wood or other natural materials that need to be harvested.

What is the difference between rattan and poly rattan?

The main difference between rattan and poly rattan is that rattan is a natural material harvested from vines, while poly rattan is made of plastic fibres that simply emulate the look of its natural counterpart. Compared to outdoor furniture made of natural rattan, poly rattan garden chairs and tables are much more durable and resistant to all weather conditions. Natural rattan isn’t waterproof as the fibres will soak up the water and eventually break.

Is poly rattan UV-resistant?

The simple answer is, yes. No matter what colour they are, the synthetic fibres of your poly rattan garden dining table and chairs will not fade over time, even when exposed to extreme sunlight all year round. They also resist a great amount of summer heat and won’t crack or break when left outside for longer periods of time.

What garden dining set should I choose?

Which rattan dining set is the right one for you, depends on the size of your outdoor space and your individual needs as well as aesthetics. First of all, measure your outdoor area and decide how many people you’d like to seat on any given summer day. Once you’ve settled on a size and number of seats, you can start thinking about the design and colour.

If you already have existing outdoor lounge furniture, you might want your new poly rattan garden dining set to blend in when it comes to style and colour. While darker shades add a more sophisticated look to your space, lighter shades give your space an airier and welcoming feel. Remember that you can always adjust the look by swapping out the outdoor cushions.

Which accessories can I get for my dining set?

When creating your perfect outdoor haven, you might want to look into accessories that will upgrade the space and make your time outside even more comfortable. A great addition to any poly rattan dining set are matching parasols that will protect you and your loved ones from the sun.

And speaking of protection, it’s also a great idea to invest in waterproof outdoor covers for your dining set. This way, you won’t have to remove the cushions or dry the frames after a rainy night. At DeubaXXL, we not only offer you a wide range of attractive poly rattan outdoor dining sets, we also carry all the accessories you need for a relaxing time outside.