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WPC tiles, wooden decking tiles & co. – all about decking tiles

You prefer spending your holidays on your balcony? Or like to throw parties on your terrace? With a nice tiled terrace or a high-quality wood floor on your balcony, you finish your outdoor ambience with a great, cozy atmosphere – the perfect location for all of your intentions. No matter if you want a homely wooden terrace or a useful WPC terrace, we will explain the differences between the decking tiles and give you the best tips and tricks on how you tile correctly or design a new area on your terrace with wooden decking tiles.


WPC Fliesen auf einem Balkon

What material are decking tiles made of?

If you want to get tiles for your garden, terrace or balcony, you first should decide on the material. WPC tiles and wooden decking tiles are suitable for your outdoor space. Your decision depends on what you attach value to. In case you want to get resistant, easy-care tiles, you should think of getting WPC tiles. If you attach importance to a natural look and do not mind to invest some time in cleaning, we recommend outdoor tiles made of wood. 

Read all of the differences, as well as advantages and disadvantages of these variations:

What are wooden decking tiles?

Terrassenfliesen aus Holz

Wooden decking tiles are made of different wood types, for instance acacia or eucalyptus wood. The customized wooden planks are attached to plastic grids, so that the tiles can be easily strung together. Take heed of the quality, the durability, the way of drying as well as the provenance when choosing the wooden tiles. All of these objective criteria have an effect on the durability, dimensional stability and the sustainability of the wooden decking tiles.

Vergleich Terrassenfliesen aus WPC und Holz

What is WPC?

WPC means Wood-Plastic-Composite. Normally they use wood powder for the production of these decking tiles. WPC is made with modern methods, like extrusion, rotational moulding, injection moulding or pressing techniques. Because of the heat sensitivity of wood, WPC is made at up to 200 degree Celsius.

The advantages of WPC

  • In contrast to conventional wooden composites, WPC is three-dimensionally malleable
  • WPC is water-resistant
  • Towards all-plastic composites, WPC has a higher stiffness and a lower thermic coefficient of expansion

Did you know? WPC is a biomaterial. These are materials, which partially consist of renewable raw materials. WPC is composed of 20% wood.


What is the difference between WPC tiles and WPC planks?

The word “plank“ derives from wooden planks, the oldest form of wooden floors. Wooden floors mostly consist of planks that are stringed together and customized to the length of the room. WPC tiles mostly are squared-shaped or rectangular laying pieces. The main difference between WPC tiles and planks is the shape and size. Today, WPC planks cannot be compared to wooden planks. WPC terrace planks are available as solid boards or hollow boards.

What is the difference between WPC tiles and wooden decking tiles?

WPC tiles and wooden decking tiles can be distinguished with regard to the following points: price, quality, time and look.


WPC tiles are the winner when it comes to a price comparison. Usually, they are cheaper than wooden outdoor tiles. Especially tiles made out of the very durable tropical wood types are mostly more expensive than WPC tiles.


Indeed, wood tiles for your terrace are made out of weather-resistant wood, but WPC tiles are a bit easier to take care of than wood tiles. Wood tiles have to be taken care of more often to be protected from influences, like weather. 

Our tip for wood care: Clean your wooden tiles on a regular basis, at least once a year. For that, you should use a special wood cleaner. The wood should dry completely. After that, you should grind the wood several times with a 100 grain size to roughen the surface. Then apply some wood oil onto the tiles with a soft brush or a soft cloth. Do not forget to apply the oil on the sides and edges. This will finish your tiles with a colour-fresh look. 

Time exposure

As described above, WPC tiles are easier to take care of than of wooden tiles. Due to that, you will save time when cleaning your terrace.


You can create a warm and homely atmosphere on your terrace or balcony with real wood tiles. WPC tiles establish to copy the look of real wood tiles, but do not cover up their plastic character. Still, they are the right choice, if you attach value to a non-transitory colouring.

How do you tile correctly in your garden, on your terrace or your balcony?

If you wish to tile your balcony or terrace with WPC or wood decking tiles, you should take heed of some steps. First, you have to calculate the right amount of tiles you need. Therefore you can use this rule of thumb:

tile surface in m²

+ 5% waste

+ 5% reserves

= needed amount of tiles in m²

If you have the right amount of tiles and prepared the ground, you can recreate your terrace or balcony with WPC or wood tiles in just a few steps. Because of their clicking system, WPC and wooden decking tiles are easily and quickly to install, without tools.

  • Clean your underground and let it dry thoroughly.
  • In the next step you lay fleece for clicking tiles. Take heed, that the fleece tracts overlap for at least 10 cm (4 in).
  • Arrange the wood or WPC clicking tiles in a 90-degree angle.
  • Click the tiles piece by piece.
  • If the tile is too long on the edge, shorten it with a jigsaw. To prevent sharp edges, smoothen them with sandpaper.

Bodenvorbereitung für das verlegen von Terrassenfliesen

What surface should you tile on?

The underground is the base for a robust and resilient terrace. The correct layer structure is essential for that. The WPC substructure needs a light tilt, so that water can run off easily. Handymen should keep in mind, that you need a two percent slope from the house to tile your terrace. The underground has to be clean, which means there should not be any holes, tears or bumps. They have to be balanced first. If necessary, you should work with a high-pressure cleaner. 

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