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Fire Pits

Feuerstelle im Garten am Abend



Is there anything better than when the summer rolls around and it’s possible to live, eat, and relax outdoors? Summer can be amazing, but the long balmy nights never seem to last as long as you would like. Extend the outdoor living season with the help of a fire pit from DeubaXXL. Outdoor fire pits provide an extra slice of warmth and light, allowing you to stay outside that bit longer when the evenings get cooler. Sitting around the warm, cosy glow of a garden fire pit is a great place to socialise, spend some family time together, cook, or simply sit back and look at the stars – no matter the time of year.


Choosing the right fire pit

With a wide selection of fire pits available at DeubaXX, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your home. Choose from the classic freestanding fire bowl with safety cover, or the chimenea which comes with an integrated chimney for filtering smoke. Variations on these classic styles include integrated log stores, as well as hexagonal and pyramidal designs – all available on the DeubaXXL website. You should also think about what kind of materials you want your fire pit to be made of and what fuel source you are going to use. Choose the patio fire pit that best suits your space from various sizes available across the range.

What fuel should you use?

Traditionally, outdoor fire pits use wood as a fuel source – and there is something magical about the roar and crackle of a wood fire in your outdoor area. However, some people do prefer the added convenience and reduced cleaning provided by an outdoor gas fire pit. A propane fire pit uses an additional gas bottle as a fuel source, which is connected by an appropriate pipe. Wood fire pits require a good supply of suitable dry logs and kindling to ensure a hot fire without excessive smoke. Chiminea designs can help you control smoke output by using a chimney to filter the smoke up and away from the seating area.


Feuerstelle im Garten auf Steinen


Free standing or fixed?

It may be possible to construct a fixed fire pit in your garden space using bricks or concrete, which can serve as a solid base. However, a freestanding fire pit bowl offers more flexibility, allowing you to move your fire pit around to different areas of your garden or patio. It also means no construction work or long-term commitment to a garden fire pit. Sit on the patio for a cosy fireside dinner, drink, or chat; or move the fire bowl to the bottom of your garden for some star gazing.

Fire pit materials

As with any barbecue , patio heater , or other outdoor heat source, safety is an important consideration. DeubaXXL fire pits are made using superior quality materials, including stainless steel and cast iron. This ensures safety and longevity, even in the inclement British winter (although it’s recommended you try and move your garden fire pit to a more protected area when not in use). The integrated covers that come with steel and metal fire pits offer protection against sparks and embers and prevent accidental injury – which is especially important if you have children or pets at home. With a broad choice of traditional and modern fire pits for sale at DeubaXXL you can find the best fire pit for your patio and garden space. Design your summer seating area and outdoor furniture around the fire pit bowl and make those summer nights last a bit longer. Or why not grab some blankets and get cosy around the fire at any time of the year.