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 Trampolin mit Kind das im Garten springt


Everyone from toddlers to older children to adults can enjoy the hours of fun that can be had on a trampoline. Garden trampolines are a great way of getting the little ones outside to do some exercise, with integrated enclosure nets to ensure that everyone is safe and secure, bounce after bounce. What’s more, trampolines are great for improving coordination, mobility, and basic motor functions in young kids and adults. That’s why investing in an outdoor trampoline for your garden or yard space makes such good sense. And with a range of models and sizes available from the DeubaXXL collection, you could be just a few clicks away from giving your kids countless hours of fun, exercise, and time spent in the fresh air.

Trampoline security and safety

There’s no getting away from the fact that bouncing up and down on a spring-mounted canvas comes with its own inherent set of risks and dangers. But modern trampolines have been designed with the safety and security of users as a primary concern. Unlike old fashioned metal frame trampolines with exposed lateral springs, modern versions are generally designed with covered springs and integrated safety netting around the jump zone. These trampolines with enclosures prevent users from falling off, while the extra-soft edge cover prevents any contact with springs. Further safety features include galvanised steel springs to prevent rust and degradation even in outdoor environments. Tear resistant materials used for netting and double-strength entry points are also common features on DeubaXXL products. Multiple fixed poles attached to the floor further serve to increase stability and make trampolines more secure for users.

Size and space requirements for outdoor trampolines

If you are investing in a kids trampoline for your little ones, then you probably want one that offers maximum jumping fun. But it can be easy to underestimate the space required by these kinds of garden products. You need to choose a trampoline that works both for the people who are going to be bouncing on them and those who use the rest of the garden space too. Rectangular models can be good for fitting in corner spaces or at the far end of linear gardens. On the other hand, round models can also be tucked into spaces and allow for better access around the sides. It's not just width and length you need to consider either. The peripheral safety nets extend upwards, so height is another important consideration, especially in smaller spaces and with neighbours in proximity. DeubaXXL trampolines with enclosures come in a choice of sizes from 8ft to 14ft in diameter, so there is an option to fit almost all exterior spaces.

Assembly and installation

As large objects, garden trampolines will need assembling on site. However, all models come with extensive assembly instructions and equipment, and require no specific tools or previous assembly experience. They are also supplied in multiple parcels for easy transport. These bouncy enclosures can be taken down and stored in the same carrying bags when not in use - particularly useful for the winter months. This will help to keep them in good condition and extend usage life. As well as outdoor trampolines, you can also find a choice of other garden equipment at DeubaXXL, including paddling pools , swings and seesaws , picnic tables and more. Check out our selection of trampolines for sale online now and see what else is available to enhance your outdoor space this summer.